Blood of Tiberius – What’s it all about?

Star Trek: Progeny came about one evening while I was watching the original series episode called “Bread and Circuses”. It was one of those episodes that, for me, left me wondering, “Well what happened next?”

I’ve been developing the pilot script and series bible for over two years now to answer those questions that I had. Also tying them into the 50 year anniversary of Star Trek. 50 years later, what does this world of Magna Roma look like and what involvement does the Federation have?

From this comes our female protagonist, Livia Avitus, the granddaughter of Kirk and Drusilla. First, she’s a Roman, trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat and weaponry. She also has a keen mind. She’s able to see the bigger picture. A trait inherited by Captain Kirk. I think this makes her a great detective and then later, a special agent.

One choice I did make with her character is that she’s not an anti-hero, which is popular in Film and TV today. Protagonists who are battling inner demons like drugs or alcohol…etc. Carrie, from Homeland or Tony Stark from Ironman as examples. Emotional pain from failure or losing a loved one, most definitely. As Kirk would say, that pain makes us who we are.

So… what happened?

Star Trek: Progeny was meant to be a live action Fan Film starring Cassandra Scerbo.

Then,  the AXANAR lawsuit happened.

for more details go to this link. AXANAR LAWSUIT

Now, CBS/Paramount has put out guidelines for fan films. Most of which I would have been in violation of.

Dismayed, I shuffled around my house in a funk for a little while until I clicked on a banner for….

DAZ3d Studio.

So now, I can create my own world.


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