Blood of Tiberius
is derived from the original series episode
Bread and Circuses”
written by
Gene L. Coon and Gene Roddenberry


“You’re a Roman, Kirk…
or at least you should have been.”
-Claudius Marcus

Captain James T. Kirk never realized how true those words may become when he,  Spock, and McCoy are captured on a planet that resembles a Roman Empire with 20th-century technology.

capturedCaptain’s log, stardate 4040.7. On the surface of planet IV, system 892, a heavily industrialized planet with astonishing similarities to 20th Century Earth. Uniformed police in a great city like Rome with automobiles. An amazing example of Hodgkin’s Law of Parallel Planetary Development. But on this Earth, Rome never fell. A world ruled by emperors who can trace their line back 2,000 years, to their own Julius and Augustus Caesars” (edited)

drusillaHaving taken Starfleet captain James Kirk prisoner, Claudius assigned Drusilla as Kirk’s slave for a night, after deciding that Kirk should be put to death the next day, explaining that he wished to give Kirk “some last hours as a man.” kiss1Initially, Kirk was wary, believing that Drusilla was participating in an elaborate scheme to gain information, but was eventually convinced that she was being honest, and subsequently became intimate with her.

They narrowly escaped in a hail of bullets,escapeminus their uniforms, communicators, phasers and tri-corder.
Kirk prepared a top secret report to Starfleet.

“Captain’s log, stardate 4042.4. It’s unknown how much Merik shared with the Proconsul of the Federation and Starfleet. He gave his life to save ours, but it does not excuse his disregard for the prime directive. Marcus will reverse engineer the technology we had to leave behind. I recommend that the Federation keep close tabs on this planet. If they truly are a Roman planet,  their military strength will undoubtedly draw the attention of the Klingons or Romulans.”

After his departure from the planet, two events would set its history on a different path. Claudius Marcus was tried and executed for the murder of Merikus, and, although Kirk never mentioned his night with Drusilla regarding it as personal, she gave birth to a daughter named Caelia.Blood of Tiberius takes place fifty years after the events  of the original series, and fifty years before The Next  Generation. Caelia, married and had a child of her own, Livia, the lead in our new series. Livia’s a tough detective recruited into the federation as a special agent under the command of Commodore Yvonne Ellison. It’s James Bond meets the world of Star Trek where each episode will have a guest bad guy/girl for Liv to apprehend. She may fail at her task, allowing for the criminal to show up in later episodes. But she’ll always get her criminal in the end.